Day Nine (at last!) – song titles

Oh dear, I have managed to get massively behind on my writing this week! I have to try and do five catch-up pieces, so the quality may be even more suspect than usual…
Had a busy ‘home-centric’ day with shopping, jobs round the house etc. Made a really nice wholemeal loaf last night though, and some spicy parsnip soup. Shall also have to take a break in a while to make a mushroom stroganoff for tea.
What more satisfying things are there in life, I wonder, than a completed poem and a nice, fresh, homemade loaf?
Ah well, back to the poems:
To try and take them in order, the challenge for day nine was to use the titles of the next five song titles from a random playlist. I used one from Radio 2 and got:

Coming back as a Man (Caro Emerald)
Dark Sunglasses (Chrissie Hynde)
Jealous (Chromeo)
Magic (Coldplay)
Follow You Home (Embraace)

I thought
we were something rare,
a pair touched by magic.
I snubbed jealous friends,
shocked at the ends
to which I would go for you.
I didn’t see
the warning signs,
didn’t hear
the whispered exchanges
didn’t fight back,
because the battle
was already lost.
I swear to you,
should the moon turn blue
and the planets align,
I am coming back as a man.
I will don dark sunglasses,
lurk in silent doorways
and follow you home
each night.
You need to know
that power
is more than physical
and unrelenting fear
can cut as deep.


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