Day 13 – kennings

I am nearly up to date – woohoo!

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the people who have liked any of my poems or are even following my ‘writing journey’ ths year. Once I have managed to crack this one I hope to return the favour and be able to check out what everyone else is doing. I know it’s all part of the experience but I seem to have been so wrapped up in playing catch-up that I haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as I hoped to.

In my defence, work is rather full-on as I have been in the middle of organising a two-week literary festival, so I am pleased to be where I am now, to be honest.

I am off to work on some kennings now – Vikings eh?
Decided to stay with something a bit archaic and plump for witches. Hurrah, up to date – time to look around and smell the roses!

Witchfinder General

Behold the secret-keepers,
we hunt them for our sport,
kill them for our safety,
deem them less than naught.
Egg-sailors steal our children,
make our milk turn sour,
evoke abhorrent spirits,
embrace the midnight hour.
And so, in turn, we hound them,
dunk them as they scream,
burn them in denial,
and we our souls redeem.


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