Day Seven – Love Poem

Day seven is a love poem about an inanimate object. I hope no-one has a partner who could be described thus…!

Can’t help thinking about Carol Ann Duffy’s “Valentine”, about an onion, but sadly my effort is more likely to drive you to tears.
Ah well, here we go. Actually, on reflection, ‘Chuck’ is not strictly an inaminate object since he is my sourdough starter and has literally lived in a Kilner jar in my kitchen since Christmas.

Ode to Chuck

Sour dough,
I love you so.
You know how much
I knead you,
but do I really need
to feed you
every day?
Live and bubbling,
you keep troubling
my dreams.
Just when it seems
that you are rising,
I come home
and it’s surprising
that you’ve dropped –
fermentation’s stopped
and so the cycle
has to start again.
when the chemistry
is right,
we share a blissful night
before the dawn
and the oven’s yawn
swallows you whole.
I venture to suggest,
Fresh isn’t always best:
I think
I love you most
when you are toast.


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