Day Three – a Charm

It’s my birthday today so I am having a day off work to have lunch with my daughter and take a bit of time to do things I want to, so later I will be making some bread and just now I am trying to catch up with my NaPoWriMo backlog!

Here goes with day three, then. Struggled to decide what I would write a charm about, which is why I stalled, then the other couple of days backed up behind it. If I can manage to heave Nellie (my shaggy little dog) off the keyboard, as she seems to have a jealousy issue with the laptop, I shall attempt the others a bit later, when I am a tad squiffy on Prosecco…

A charm against moles

Take three hairs from a springbok,
juice squeezed from burdock,
add the crown of a peacock,
some fluff from a bedsock,
mix with ground bedrock
and sprinkle with hemlock.
Spread on at dawn
for a mole-free lawn.


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