Day One – hurrah! Bibliomancy

Okay so it took me longer than I hoped but I managed to complete day one. I used the prompt (well, most of it!) that I got from the Bibliomancy Oracle.
It was:
“I can see you vivid in the dark corner of the day,
taking your damask gown off one strap
at a time, as if I were watching…”

The lines come from “With Delicate Hand” by Nick Twemlow.

Here’s what I came up with, in response:


in the shrug of shadow,
I view you in sunlight –
midday glare
burnishing your bare shoulder.
Slim damask straps
like jade serpents,
darting down your arms
toward the safety
of pooling silk.
by your luminosity,
I am drawn,
into half-light,
seeking the delights
that might lie
on your dark side.


2 thoughts on “Day One – hurrah! Bibliomancy

  1. I like this. You have two great lines, “…in the shrug of shadow…” and “…toward the safety of pooling silk…” Sometimes I read a poem just to find the great lines, letting the overall sense of the poem wash off of me. This is very nice.

    • Sorry, thought I had replied but I am rusty with WordPress. Thank you so much, yes I know what you mean about having a couple of ‘killer lines’ in a poem thAt resonate.

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