Day 21

Lines for fortune cookies! This was fun but I am sure I could do better if I took more time.

May you sup from the well of gorgeousness.
Always keep your friends close, and your in-laws at arm’s length.
Never look a gift horse in the eye.
You will find Nirvana somewhere other than a vinyl exchange.
Make your nail varnish shade “Eternal Optimism”.
Choose your friends carefully – do not settle for the nearest.
Delight in the iridescence of beetles.
Shun the last sandwich in the chiller at 1.348pm. It will be soggy.
Check your salad carefully.
Beware of of cocktails – they promise more than they deliver.
Life is too short for period dramas.
Remember, socks with sandals is never a good look – for anyone.
Peas are never identical.


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