Day 18

A poem starting and ending with the same word, how hard can that be?
Aaaarrrgggh – ridiculously!
I am struggling to keep up, yet again, so decided I needed to just shut up and write something. I know this is pretty rubbish, but I’m hoping it gets me past this damned block again. Getting the “I’ll never write anything again” feeling.
On a more positive note (and outside of NaPoWriMo) my Urban Haiku boxes have been borrowed by a friend/fellow writer for a couple of creative sessions, so hoping for some positive feedback!

I looked at anagrams and definitions, just to give me some focus. Oh dear, please excuse this one…

Dieting is the state
of editing one’s food intake,
most often accompanied by
feelings of frustration and inadequacy.
Not so much a desire to change
as a desperation. ignited
by a shift in society’s
notions of acceptability.
The most diligent followers
digest the credo,
speak of miracles
in hushed tones.
While we, the fallen,
tread, once again,
well-worn paths,
fuelled by snake oil,
gulping down false promises
in the hope that,
this time,
they might – just might –
signal the end
of dieting.


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