April 9th

Okay so we are looking at ‘noir’. Guess what – never tried this either!

Tried to channel my inner ‘dick’, so to speak! Apologies to all Americans if I am talking absolute rubbish or used a term incorrectly – can we call it artistic licence please??

I always find the endings the hardest, end up trying to work them out from about halfway through and work towards them. This one I left to run and had to revisit.

Call the Clock

I sweated in the Buick for six hours,
Piling up cans in the passenger seatwell.
I picked a horse in every race,
failed to finish the crossword,
read my horoscope –
which got it wrong,
checked the chambers
three times.
As the sun dropped behind the diner,
lending me some shade,
I would a window down
and sucked in the fumes.
Through the heat haze,
rising from the asphalt,
I could see a familiar figure
striding into the store,
glancing behind him.
I ducked,
pulled my hatbrim
back down over my eyes,
silently counted ten
and reached for the door handle.
In a heartbeat
my wrist was gripped
through the open window,
and an icy voice murmured
“It must have been hot
sitting there all day, Lois.
How about a swim?”


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