April 2nd

April 2nd and I have just been to NaPoWriMo to check the prompt for today.
Lies eh? Hmmm, not really my cup of tea, but I had a go.
Hoping the month can only get better from here, I guess – didn’t like the way this one turned out, but at least it’s a different style and we can learn something from everything we write – even if it’s to avoid this subject/style like the plague!! I found this getting terribly preachy at times and couldn ‘t work out how to finish it.
As this is essentially workshopping, I won’t worry too much about titles either, unless something really jumps out at me, because otherwise they will end up as glib and throwaway.

In a world where a Big Mac constitutes a balanced meal,
and Universal Credit will be a godsend to the down at heel,
we don’t know if global warming is a blessing or a curse:
whether the weather will get better, or get worse.
It’s a doddle living on the breadline, so they say,
and you can manage happily on £7 a day.
Increasingly, the old and sick survive,
to suffer more painful, miserable, years alive.
With natural disasters happening everywhere,
more people die, while fatcats stand and stare.
Those who can’t face time’s eternal truth,
still seek perfection and eternal youth.
From the glib to the global, imagined or real,
truth is perception, fate turns the wheel.


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