April 1st

Day one, poem one!

Okay, day one and I’m going to be kind to myself. This may not be the best, or longest thing I’ve written, but at least it’s got me started! Hopefully it will get better.
I used the NaPoWriMo idea of starting with someone else’s line, but found it brought it’s own challenges. No title at presetn, either.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
I can trace them on the palms of your capable hands,
Pick them out as flecks in your soft grey eyes,
Hear them echo in the spaces between your footsteps.
Sometimes I taste them in your angry tears,
Scent them on discarded clothes,
Sense them dragging at your weary heels.
How do I love thee? In so very many ways,
and my life itself is suffused, and enriched,
by the simple act of loving you.


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