NaPoWriMo – Epic Fail!

I find myself on the last day of April admitting defeat. Unfortunately pressure of work, family commitments and the builders gutting my kitchen a week earlier than expected (aarrggghhh) mean that I have hit my creative brick wall again. I suppose I could have cheated and just posted some poems that I had in hand, […]

Day 23

Triolets. At least they are short, if a bit complicated! Not a form fan but will stick with it – on the home straight now. Was worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep up but I think I can put on a final burst and make it. Will be back soon…

Day 20

We have to choose five words from a list… I just feel like I am making rubbish excuses but I came up with a bit of a (near) limerick. I sort of feel, with some of the challenges, that I could spend days chipping away at them and still not write anything very good. The […]

Day 19

mall ads today and, just for a change, really can’t get into this in the slightest. Have fallen behind so just going to make an effort and move on. Sorry for the cop-out. Romantic, rugged, mature male (GSOH). Own teeth, optional hair, WLTM attractive leggy blonde willing to be seen out on yacht and in […]

Day 18

A poem starting and ending with the same word, how hard can that be? Aaaarrrgggh – ridiculously! I am struggling to keep up, yet again, so decided I needed to just shut up and write something. I know this is pretty rubbish, but I’m hoping it gets me past this damned block again. Getting the […]

Day 16

Today’s poem “in translation” is one that I have really struggled with. I deliberately chose a language like none that I speak, and chose not to read the real translation as I know it would affect what I write. Instead of freeing me up, it really stalled me. Right, so I went to the Poetry […]