NaPoWriMo 2015 is nearly here!


Okay, so a new year, a new challenge and (predictably) I have written practically zero since last year.

Last night I actually managed to write a poem for a friend’s wedding next week, which I am pleased about – invariably writer’s block strikes at the most important times!

Looking back, never has a book blog been more aptly titled than ‘a little about books’ since it has remained unused for nearly a year – ah well, been too busy reading them to write about them.

Really looking forward to this year’s challenge. Read a couple of the poems I wrote last year and surprised myself, as I didn’t recognise them at all, or even my voice in them – weird! Though I always tell people in workshops to put work away for a while and revisit it, I rarely do. Who knows – maybe this year I will carry on writing into May – here’s hoping!

If you are sharing ‘the journey’, either as a reader or participant, then welcome. Hope you like what you read or it makes you think. Either way, I look foward to your virtual company!

This week I am mostly reading…


Having had a few blogs about different things, I have decided to start a new book review stand-alone one. I guess it’s mainly for my amusement, but I have started reading some amazing books, as a result of twitter recommendations and proof copies, so if I can help someone else to have the same experience then it has to be a good thing!

My NaPoWriMo site can be resurrected ready for next April, but I am fortunate enough, despite being a miserably slow reader, to have a number of brilliant new books to read, both the lovely physical type and the kindle versions, which  weirdly I seem to read faster on! I daresay it’s because I can’t go back and check names or details because it;s such a faff so I just plough on – that backfired with The Rosie Project, however, where I was left a bit befuddled at the end, by the ‘reveal’. Ah well, no great chore to re-read…

Since my old kindle is flatly refusing to connect to the wifi, I had to go and buy a new Paperwhite a couple of weeks agao and I am well impressed, I must say.

Anyway, enough preamble, I shall commence by first book review imminently, but no doubt will be sidetracked by life and include videos of my dog ‘twerking’ at some point.

Hasta luego – have to meet a man about a blog. No, really.

Day 30 – the final one and will I take the easy option? You betcha!


Day 30 – the final day and I have unbelievably managed to meet the challenge this year! I am massively proud and delighted to have succeeded.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been foolhardy enough to visit, like, follow or comment on anything I have written this year – your support has helped me massively,
Think I will try and keep it short and sweet after last night’s mega post!

Am determined to keep writing, whether poetry, prose, blogging or whatever, after this is complete, so please feel free to visit to make sure I do and help me out.

Otherwise, good luck with your own creative endeavours, sorry to be a rubbish (or non-existent) follower and I look forward to catching up with you next year.
Here goes nothing for the final challenge – a poem of farewell. Am left with the thought that, sometimes, you really have to love haiku!

You just said goodbye
and something receded, bright,
like a dying star.

Day 29 – twenty little poetry projects in one day!


Day 29 and talk about saving the worst till last!

My goodness, this was far and away the biggest challenge, with just a day left. I NEVER write long poems and I dislike ‘mathematical problem’ poems like this. Suffice to say I have completed it, don’t really get it, or like what I’ve done but it was an interesting exercise in problem solving… I guess.

I have a degree, a PGCE and an MA (all Lit related) but I really struggled to understand what some of these prompts meant – makes me feel terribly inadequate.
Hope sincerely that tomorrow’s prompt has a bit of fun about it! This is just odd.

Her life had become a soap opera
when she found herself pregnant, at 57,
with her fifteenth son.
The first time she heard the heartbeat,
saw the impossibly tiny human form on the screen,
tasted blood, biting down on her lip,
smelt her own fear, damping her like low cloud,
and touched her lightly swollen belly,
still cold and slippery with jelly,
she had to accept that it was too late now to change anything.
She heard her hopes falling away,
watched as they grew ever smaller
and their dying cries hooked in her brain.
Suddenly the voice of Persephone
echoed from the Underworld, calling her back,
demanding constancy.
Sensing time was on her side,
she was suddenly galvanised to just get up and run.
Through the failing light she ran,
cold, naked, but full of hope, she ran
soundlessly down endless twittens she ran,
towards the nearing night
and past the waiting arms of strangers.
Because of her need, night somehow never fell,
leaving her broken and sobbing for release
under a strange sky.
“Ar’tor’reet?” whispered a hoarse voice,
the wings of opportunity made flesh.
She snatched hungrily at imagined feathers,
felt them sharp and metallic, catching her skin,
dragging her down as she rose slowly from the ground
in glorious luminescence.
Another mother, Oggy, walking by,
observed the phenomenon
gazing in awe as the light intensified
and blinded to the force of the moment,
but the simple act of her presence
changed a moment forever.
This simple truth will come to pass,
Persephone will sever ties
that bind this sad soul to her destiny
and, for once, overlook Eurydice.
No longer will the power of passion be thwarted,
or the innocent of sin remain broken hearted.
Thus the wheel of life turns, unresisted,
A kaleidoscopic song of supplication,
filled with things beyond our wit to say,
brought around by moments of distress but,
ultimately, tout s’est bien passé.
The birds of the air clutch at shreds of opportunity
resenting our sentience, our dreams,
wishing us back once more
into cradles of cracked shells.

Day 28 – Oh yes!


Day 28 and I am grateful that this is nearing the end, as the last few prompts have been far more challenging for me. I think if I had faced these at the beginning I could well have faltered!

Today’s prompt is to find a news article and use the words, in any order and adding more if necessary, to create a poem.

I suppose I get a bit disappointed with prompts like this because I feel that what comes out of them is never going to be very accomplished, because you end up with something that doesn’t make sense or feels cobbled together – if that makes sense?
Anyway, true to my determination to be kind to myself and not flog a dead horse, I decided to search for weird news. I duly found a report about a Moomin Café in Tokyo, where you could get a giant stuffed toy to sit at your table, rather than lunch alone. I have added several words, but it contains primarily the words of the article.

This recently-launched café in Tokyo
offers a selection of company over lunch,
available to keep you
from the drawbacks of dining alone.
The staff are all stuffed animals:
they speak when needed,
but other patrons try to nick your chips.
They dilemma is that they
can’t give you relationship advice,
but have a range of toys available.
Moomins offer customers the extra chance
of sharing their photos on social media.
The hippopotamuses,
modelled on solo characters,
think a hug is worth much more
than the standard 15%
but ask yourself,
how awkward you would feel?

Day 27 – photo prompts


Day 27 and just four poems to go.
Drove down to Tamworth and back today, 2+ hours each way, so time to have five minutes of peace and creativity! The prompt is to write a poem about a photograph, so I plumped for the snowy one. No particular reason, but I am having one of my hot flushes, so it’s a nice cool image!

Decided to go for an acrostic, to give a bit of a framework.

Frosted tracks still lead to your door,
obscured by further snowfall.
Oddly, I can’t remember coming here,
though I believe the prints match mine.
Perhaps the ice that still grips my heart
retains a silent menace
instead of suspending my emotions,
naturally, in stasis.
This was never going to end in anything but

Day 26 – Curtal Sonnets


We are finally up to day 26 and today we are being asked to do curtal sonnets. On the whole, I think I would rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick, but will have a bash.

Having looked at some examples am now totally confused as to what one actually is, so if it isn’t what it’s supposed to be then I offer you a Klingon response of your choice!

Thought I would have some fun with this, though I don’t feel terribly into the form, so went with a food theme. Came from an honest place as I got a new jar of Marmite (other yeast extracts are available) today, after a month of a supermarket own brand mistake and am unnecessarily excited!
Weird form – not loving it!

I’m sorry, Marmite, great to have you back,
it seems you’ve been away for far too long.
I can’t believe I bought another brand,
Who would believe I’d go so far off track?
Mea culpa – I know I was so wrong,
Beelzebub himself controlled my hand.

Although I have strayed so far from the fold,
Nothing else tastes quite as good on my tongue.
Supermarket alternatives are bland
and I so miss the one with flecks of gold.

Hate it? I don’t understand…